Do you know how to tell difference between grizzly bear and black bear tracks? We have helped create a paradigm shift in people's attitudes toward bears and other wildlife by replacing fear and misunderstanding with respect and understanding. These tracks along a woods road were left by a black bear in a slight over-step walk. Black Bear Wilderness ... . A hind bear track on a dusty dirt road. Location: Black bears are the most common bear in North America. A grizzly’s muzzle is broader and more prominent; their eyes appear closer together and deeper set. The best indicators are the size of the shoulders, the profile of the face and the length of the claws. Grizzly bears have gently curved, often light-colored, two- to four inch long claws adapted for digging roots and excavating a winter den or small prey. And to complicate matters just a bit more, black bears, despite their name, are not always black. It is also extremely important to know which species is which when you encounter a bear in your community or in the backcountry. Suite 301 Compared to a black bear’s tracks, grizzly tracks of the front feet are more square. A grizzly cub on the left and a black bear, with some brown markings, on the right. grizzly bear – ears appear larger (head fur is wet), black bear – ears can appear smaller because of angle of view. bear safety at work; and managing bears (for wildlife officials). Scientific Name: Ursus americanus Color: Varies from pure black to brown, cinnamon, or blonde; in the Rocky Mountains, approximately 50% are black with a light brown muzzle Height: About 3 ft (0.9 m) at the shoulder Weight: Male: 210-315 lbs (95-143 kg); Female: 135-160 lbs (61-73 kg) May live 15-30 years. Even experts have a hard time telling them apart. This grizzly can be identified by the prominent muzzle and deep set eyes that are much closer together than a black bear’s. You can remember it easily this way, grizzly bear = raised hump and black bear = raised rump. The right front track (lower right) is followed by the left front (center) and finally the hind tracks, which are side-by-side (on left). Most people tend to overestimate the weight and size of bears. Black Bear vs Grizzly tracks. Yellowstone Forever is a 501(c)3. A fight between a grizzly and a black bear. Black bears and grizzly bears have a drastic difference in their claws. Then too, an adult male black bear will be much heavier and taller than a young grizzly. Black Bear Physical Appearance, Coat Color Confusion Yellowstone Forever Senior Naturalist Brad Bulin recently gave us some quick tips on how you can tell them apart when out on the trail. A black bear normally has a fairly straight profile from forehead to nose tip. young grizzly bears are tough to ID; this grizzly is much smaller than an adult black bear, sub-adult (adolescent) grizzly bear who is smaller than most adult black bears, large black bear who is bigger than many grizzlies, especially females and younger ones, very heavy black bear larger than many grizzlies. A black bear front track is more rounded and a straight edge will cross the toe on the other side of the foot. The third fatal attack was by a grizzly bear in the Mackenzie Mountains in 2014. No need to register, buy now! The face of a grizzly in more pointed than that of a black bear. Black bears have a flatter, “Roman-nose” profile, larger ears, no visible shoulder hump and smaller claws. Courtesy of Center for Wildlife Information – Graphic Art Fund. Size of the track in itself isn’t always a good indicator because of the wide range in sizes that can occur in the two species. Just like color, body size is also not a reliable indicator for identifying bears. Bozeman Office Saved from Occasionally the subject of bear tracks come up and the question is often raised on just how to tell the difference between the tracks of a grizzly and those of a black bear. So if you decide to play dead in front of a black bear, well you just became an easy meal. For the pa. They may also be visible from a distance. Grizzly and black bears of similar size will leave similar sized tracks, but black bears are normally smaller than grizzlies and will leave smaller tracks. Black bear claws will begin to make contact with the dirt almost immediately past the toes. They can also be brown, cinnamon, blond, or a combination of light and dark hair. Happy Holidays from Gardiner, Montana! It's officially winter at the Lamar Buffalo Ranch! I tracked this bear down a dirt road, through the tall grass to a pond, where he deposited a large scat. 2. Every year, black bear hunters kill several grizzly bears by mistake, which can have dire consequences for local grizzly bear populations. The right hind track of a black bear in dust. UDAP bear pepper spray is a highly concentrated spray that can stop a bear in its tracks better than a gun. Grizzled hair occurs mainly on the back and shoulders; thus, from a distance, a grizzly bear appears to have darker legs and lighter upper parts. Grizzly bear lives in North America, but there are two black bears known as Asian and North American black bears. For obvious reasons, this method has its limitations! Although grizzly bears are, on average, significantly larger than black bears, size is not a good indicator of which species is which. A line drawn under the big toe across the top of the pad runs through or below the bottom half of the little toe on grizzly/brown bear tracks. As with the grizzly bear, bear spray should be your first line of defense in a bear attack. They avoid contact with humans so we suggest you attach small bells to your rucksacks and give the bears time to get out of your way. Learn about living with bears; creating bear smart communities; recreating in bear country; grizzly bear – shoulder hump = highest point, grizzly bear – hump not as prominent, but still highest point on body, black bear – no shoulder hump; wind is blowing up shoulder fur, black bear – because the bear is standing on a slope the rump doesn’t necessarly look like the highest point, but there is no shoulder hump. Black Bear. If the grizzly bear has been swimming, his/her ears will appear bigger relative to the wet head. To illustrate this, place one end of a straight edge at the base of the big toe, and line the straight edge with the front of the foot pad. On the front track, a grizzly’s toes … 1. You can, I just wouldn’t. Carry bear spray. Copyright © 2020 Yellowstone Forever. The claws of an adult grizzly can be longer than a person’s finger. You can read about black bear tracks and signs here. Black bear tracks tend to have the toes slightly separated, whereas grizzly tracks show toes that are usually joined together. Size: Larger than a black bear, a grizzly’s front paw tracks range from five to seven inches in length, while their rear paws imprint is between 10 and 12 inches in length. If you take a straight edge and hold it across the track of a grizzly front foot, just in front of the pad and behind the toe on either side, it will not cross the toe on the other side of the foot. In general, scat from the brown/grizzly bear tends to be larger (2-inches or more in diameter) than black bear scat. Grizzly Bear .. Similar Tracks: Grizzly bear tracks are similar, but tend to be larger measuring 7 – 13” long by 5-8.75” wide for fronts, and 8.25-14” long by 4.75 – 8.5” wide for rears. A typical adult female grizzly weighs 200-350 pounds and adult males weigh 300-650 pounds. Phone: 406.848.2400, The official nonprofit partner of Yellowstone National Park. Bear Tracks . Saved from Grizzly bear tracks are similar to the black bear, but are almost always larger measuring 7″ – 13” long by 5-8.75” wide for front tracks, and 8.25″-14” long by 4.75″ – 8.5” wide for the hind tracks. Brown bear incidents have occurred in their native range spanning Alaska, Northern and Western Canada, and portions of the Rocky Mountains in the United States. Today begins the @cfcgives Environmental Protectio, While the black and grizzly bears hibernate, the Y, Today is the FINAL day to order from the Yellowsto, Did you know that Uinta ground squirrels hibernate, Announcing Winter Programs in Yellowstone National Park. They live in all the provinces of Canada and 41 and of the 50 American states. How to Identify Grizzly and Black Bear Tracks. Toes are close together, and form a farily straight line. Saved by Alicia Tafoya. They get the name grizzly from the grizzled appearance of their fur. International Association for Bear Research & Management, Walking with polar bears – a dangerous trend. Grizzly Bears and Brown Bears The Grizzly Bear and Brown Bear are essentially the same (most consider the Grizzly a sub-species of the Brown Bear). Gardiner, MT 59030 Black Bear vs. Grizzly Bear, Black Bear , Grizzly Bear, bear, bears, claw, claws, shoulder hump, ears, shoulder hump, track, tracks, bear tracks, Black bear tracks have 5 toes and wide palm pads. Grizzlies have a concave or “dished” facial profile, smaller ears and much larger claws than the black bear. Both grizzly bear and black bear are important animals, and it would be easily possible to confuse these two in identifying. As seen below, you will have to take into account, whether the angle at which you are looking at the bear. A black bear front track is more rounded and a straight edge will cross the toe on the other side of the foot. This track casting from a grizzly bear foot came from Alaska. Grizzlies, likewise, may range in colour, from black to blond. Claw marks are often visible in the tracks. Grizzlies have very long claws that will “print” further from the toe pads. Black bear claws are much shorter than those of grizzly bears, usually around 4 cm (1.5 in). Other characteristics such as diet, behavior, and habitat use are even less reliable because black bears and grizzly eat similar food, display similar behaviors, and occupy much of the same areas in some provinces and states. Saved by Alicia Tafoya. If there were cubs involved, even with black bears, I would just back away slowly (same approach as the grizzly.) Also, the arc of the toes is greater in black bears. Black Bear. All donations are tax deductible. The track sequence from the bottom is left front, left rear, right front. In grizzly tracks, the front print is 13 to 18 centimetres (5 to 7 inches) and the back print is 25 to 30 centimetres (10 to 12 inches) long. The claws of a grizzly have a formidable reputation. Claws. Yellowstone Forever Senior Naturalist Brad Bulin recently gave us some quick tips on how you can tell them apart when out on the trail. Black Bear. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. Polar bears are limited to the region around the far Arctic coastal areas that are not inhabited by black bears. A friend of mine took this cast and said there was a wolf track inside the grizzly bear's track. Claws on the front feet of grizzly bears are also generally longer than those of black bears. Grizzly vs Black Bear | Know the Difference - Very long, between 5-10 cm (2-4 in), they are often clearly visible in the tracks. A grizzly typically has a concave or dishshaped profile that extends from between its eyes to the end of its nose. Find the perfect grizzly bear tracks stock photo. 1. A black bear is. A black bear’s highest point, when it’s on all fours, is the middle of the back or the rear, depending on how the bear is standing.

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