We would probably have ended up buying a new one if I hadn’t read this and performed the “hard reset” before anything else. If I wanted to get it working, where would I start? Thanks Jeff. There is one transformer that controls both sides and the green light is on for it. It will catch and stop moving up/down sometimes unless I put pressure on it to keep it moving. We weren’t given a product number or part number to purchase the items we need. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. It is stuck in the open position. The part number on the switch is KW12-5 . LINAK ACTUATOR HELP A new motor will be needed- and the customer service department can ship you one no matter what part of the world you live in. One end works and is fine, the other end is stuck, the green light isn't on at the button on the side. There is a cord that runs from the transformer to the motor’s housing- it usually has a 2 pin plug on each end. Previously, my chair was not working. Over time, the padding will compress and you will sink lower into the chair. It only happened at that point of the movement (on the start of the way back from fully open). You’ll be glad to do so. Be patient and wait the 2 minutes even though it seems excessive. The best method to reset is to simply unplug it for a minimum of 2 minutes. Just remember to follow our advice and consider each one of all our recommendations, and you’ll probably get rid of whatever that’s making power recliner doesn’t work. We can get a new battery at a price but is it necessary if it isn`t particularly annoying? Something has caused the traveler to bind… or a short in the switch is most likely your issue. I still think it will eventually wiggle loose… But who knows. A t Jackson Furniture, we don’t only make great furniture, we invest our time, energy, and dollars back into our community. It runs into the Okin motor housing and does not unplug there either. See more transitional living room designs. Thank you so much for your simple advice. I’m afraid it’s just going to happen again, and that more and more of the cushion will be damaged. However, it does not make that noise when you put it back down. If your recliner has stopped working, there are a few things you should check before calling your retailer’s Customer Service line only to wait a week before someone is dispatched to your home. They don’t stop working entirely but can cause the recliner to work deficiently or have power problems from time to time. it has the USB port also. Do you have any guidance to offer? Leather, fabric, and microfiber options. As long as it is working when reclining you’ll be OK, but I’m afraid it will malfunction in the near future. The only way to cose a recliner with the motor fully extended (and it is not getting electricity for some reason) Would be to remove the 2 mounting pins at each end that hold the motor in place. The entire unit has to be purchased. It is possible though. I’m not sure how the back could move unless the motor was activated in some way. One end of the sofa reclines fine, but as it’s moving in recline position, it makes a clicking noise the whole time it’s recling. To be honest you have taken yours apart much further than I have. Thank goodness it worked. I have 2 couch recliners just like in the picture above. If so what controller would I use for a KD 24v motor? One side of the couch did not retract from the recline. Their tech can diagnose and order a part. There is a short connector extension between the transformer and the ‘Y’ for the recliner connections that has an LED which is not illuminated, makes me think the transformer is not putting out power. But when an important part breaks, then the recliner won’t work at all. Once this has happened, it will make a clicking noise because the gear continues to turn while it cannot get a grip on the gear shaft that is rotating. It is a simple plug, and anyone can fix this. I need new controllers for our recliners, and I’ve ascertained that what we have are OKIN 2-button, 8-pin controllers/cables. You can relax now. The light in the transformer is green. I screwed up when I put 120V directly to the y connector because I did not find the power adapter under the leg rest. This will prevent both further issues and any possible damage to other components. If you want to protect the electric recliner motor, you’ll need to use a surge protector. Thanks!! On the side that is stuck open, if I push the open button the light goes green. It is stuck in the open position. In the meantime, call your retailer and ask for a service call. Our two seater has failed on just one side. Tried to find a reset no luck but it was unplugged for a while. Ashley should warranty this. You can also contact a local furniture repair service. Once you verify the outlet is OK (plug in a table lamp to check it), you will need to order or replace the transformer; not the motor. Follow the link below: http://www.amazon.com/ProFurnitureParts–Limoss-Recliner-Electric-Handset/dp/B00UXQSGC0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1436481059&sr=8-1&keywords=power+recliner+button. Custom-order leathers are available. I have a Macy’s double Ricardo sofa that just got stuck in the open position on one side. It sounds like the mechanism itself is bent. I found a new power supply that matches the voltage/amps but I need to replace the connectors. So at that point I figured it was the hand control and got a new one. It lies with the springs, joints and hinges which make up the system of the couch. Do you think the transformer is out? I stop immediately when this happens. Is there a way to close the recliner without using the power button. the power appears to be going to it as the USB works. I have a Catnapper power recliner, put a new motor on , the green light on on power box . The top part, the heat and massage work just fine. I was the one using it when it just stopped working. The manufacturers usually do not have their own service departments or field techs. Could it be the motor? Hi there. The touchmotion screen that controls the electronic components such as the recliner, massage, heat seats and drink cooler is not working when i press the icons. Can you guide me to what controls the footstool on the chair? Most professionals in this market are starting to veer their sighs into maintenance because recliners can be pretty annoying. Likewise, when you press the button to close it, it will rotate in the opposite direction to close. Your email address will not be published. It should fit perfectly. Would there be a compatible motor from a different manufacturer? Where should I start with trying to fix it. Please suggest me. I took the actuator off, pulled the limit switches out of the aluminum extrusion so I could try and simulate the failure. I attached a multimeter between each actuator lead and the negative power supply lead and it seems a constant 26V is connected to the actuator. All wires are connected and look good. I’ve searched on the internet and am unable to locate anything close to this part number and the ONE80 manufacture does not have a website. (I’ve spliced the wires and it is now working again). With so many electric recliner chair parts, many things can get fried with a surge, overload, or even underloads. Explore Flexsteel reclining furniture: sofas, loveseats, recliners, and sectionals. I know the actuator is ok, because once I found the power adapter, I hooked up the 26VDC to it and got it to move in both directions. Mulin Electric Equipment Co, Ltd. There is a 2 pin connector that will plug into the motor. Even though we think the power recliner motor replacement can save you in case an accident happens, it is always necessary to get only the right product. The one section has two recliners running off of one power supply. On one side of the couch, if the I recline all the way and then retract, it will start to move slightly but then stop. I believe all components are working, but there is mismatched wiring or circuitry somewhere. Required fields are marked *. The left recliner of my power reclining sofa stopped working. A replacement is on the way. Professional Furniture Repairs and Consultation. Hi, hope you can help, cannot find any info about this anywhere. Your best bet would be to call American Signature’s customer service due to they may actually have the part on hand. There is usually a power cord that goes from your outlet to a transformer. You gave me the courage to turn over the sofa and see what was going on. The one on the right works fine. On most 12 V systems, I have not seen a load limit switch since the entire system is such low voltage. It should be low voltage so that there is no issue with the component getting so hot it will be a hazard. Any suggestions? Macy’s has a one year warranty on all big ticket sales such as furniture. We even carry single or multi-seat media recliners. Thank you so much for posting up this guide…my elderly mother’s power recliner froze up this weekend, and, by following the steps laid out here, I was able to get it up and running again! I pulled it out and played with it and now it seems to all work again. The love seat has two cup holders on each end of the love seat. Hello I have a natuzzi recliner chair when I try to recline the chair is makes a clicking noise and will not recline any help appreciated thank you. Power Reclining Sofa vs. Normal Reclining. I am so relieved! ML8-001 Here is an additional video for service technicians, or anyone who has a voltage meter. The footsool will not lower. Prior to finding your site, my mind was racing on how I could get a replacement recliner sofa here today as we have family arriving to visit in a few hours. My brother’s dog was laying under the recliners footrest last night when my dad closer it. When I connect the white side of the actuator lead to the negative lead on the power supply (controller is plugged in) the controller lights up and ONLY THE DECLINE works. If the motor makes noise when you press the switch to close it, then the motor is the issue. Is it still under warranty? I bought a use recliner without power supply. Bad transformer. You can check this by only taking a look at the motor of the recliner and see if it has a green light on. When I push the recline button the footrest comes up like normal, and the the back reclines normally too, but then the back will very very slowly raise back up. There isn’t anything that I can see that is caught in the mechanical mechanism, and it sounds as though it’s coming from the area near the motor. My mum has had a recliner for a few years, warranty has run out. I removed the jammed yarn and the recliner is working again. Manufacturer is Ashley. They can develop a short that progressively gets worse until it completely quits. Lazy Boy recliner problems and their solutions. If you experience any electrical sound or sparks coming out of the chai, then it is very likely a cut wire around that’s causing the problem. © 2017 – 2020 reclinerhome.com. Luckily for you, whenever something like that happens, there’s a solution and a way to prevent it. Avoiding problems is useful, but nothing compares to really knowing how to fix the recliner depending on what’s broken. Hey! The plug on the back did unplug at some point but I put it back in. It is odd. Could I replace an 8-pin controller with a 5-pin one? Both sides now do this. Thank you again! Thanks. We are blessed to work with Habitat for Humanity to provide living room furniture for local homes. There are plastic gears that rotate a threaded shaft that will cause a traveler to go to the top of the motor’s shaft, and transversely in the opposite direction when the other button is pressed. I thought the worse (motor) but start with the simple stuff . - Susan Hoffman Interior Designs. Please help. I have a power recliner that I sleep in due to back problems. Unfortunately the new chair didn’t come with the power supply cords. The transformer should be good since the wand has the light on. It should be free if the sofa is less than a year old. The reviews showed few complaints against the power recliner chair. We have 8 of them in our media room. Thanks for the comment. I used all the troubleshooting tips listed here. I have a natuzzi b620 sofa with dual recliners one side the side buttons still have power (click) but footrest will not move either up or down any advice sofa is 2 years old purchased at canal furniture pls help… Thanks. It could be either on the motor itself or close to it. I had it in storage for 2 years and it was working for 3 days. They will send a tech to do it. Any other diagnoses will need to come from a technician’s inspection. Switches can develop an electrical short very easily. If these gears are not aligned, or become stripped: they will make a continuous clicking noise when you press the recline button. My husband and I are between 150 and 230 lbs. And of course, it helps you prevent any probable issue from scaling further. I have a video of sound which I’ll send once I get your email. I purchased a Ashley capote 4pc sectional power recliner. Any suggestions? ..your transformer is most likely bad. Removing the motor will allow you to close the recliner while you are working to resolve your issue. My lazy boy recliner won’t work up and down. If it is not, then your motor is not getting power. This could happen to both the backseat and the footrest and occurs mostly after activating the mechanism. When I plug in the power supply without the 2 Pin Motor Connection Cable, the light on the power supply is solid green. If your recliner doesn’t want to work as usual anymore, then you should learn about recliner repair and parts from our experts. Plus our range includes welcoming reclining corner sofas … If not, can you send me a picture of the control? There appears to be wiring around the base, and has a two part button on either side. very informative and useful article. I can’t think of any other reason that would cause the reclining function to not operate properly. Any minimal surge or inconsistency with the electricity could cause the system to not work for a few hours or days. Thanks, HI, CAN I MAKE A POWER LIFT CHAIR ,,,,, ONLY A RECLINER ??? It seems you have isolated the motor as the issue. Grrr. However I hear the relay click when I push the buttons, but no motor movement or motor gear clicking. Did you try a switch? Make sure to compare the on-line picture with the part you are replacing to get the correct cord plug. Ashley 2 seat reclining power sofa will not move up/down, Model# 4240127. did you check the habitat store to see if they just forgot to give you the chords…my store keeps the power chords put away and they give them to you when you buy the item. We have checked all of the connections, even unplugged and waited a few minutes hoping for a reset. If it’s under warranty, call your retailer. To fix this, you simply need to reconnect the in-line plugs and secure them with something like a clamp or pin. One thought is that the microswitch at the end of the carriage rail is getting stuck with grease or something. Mother in nursing home keeps trying to lift herself out of the chair and falls on floor. It sounds like you may have a faulty motor since there is an electric “click” when you activate the switch. We promise! General Information about Recliner Construction Recliners typically have a frame, metal activating mechanism (manual or power), padding (foam and/or fiber) and the upholstery fabric. I have a berkline reclining loveseat – the wires from the motor to the power center were eaten by my foster puppy. I’m overseas with the Air Force and my motor just went out…..does anyone know how to order a motor……..Paul. p2(red) p3(?) It’s pretty tough to clean because the contacts are cased in plastic. I have two cats so I am just going to blame one of them (in writing only) for jamming a sock in the chair. I checked all the connectors on the cord from the chair to the outlet, I unplugged it for 2 minutes. But sometimes, preventing is not enough. Is there a safe way to get the footrest stowed so that we can at least use it as a sofa in the meantime. Thanks. Most retailers will send a technician for no charge if the item is 18 months old and you pressure them to service their product. If a gear gets put under too much stress, a tooth of the gear can break off and cause it to slip on a thing called a worm gear. It only really gets stuck after the seat has been fully reclined for a while. If its the switch? Hi, I honestly have no idea what make or brand my power recliner is. I have completely dismantled recliners before checking the parts only to find out I did not have the correct thing, or the part I had was faulty… and it is really frustrating when that happens. But, I don’t know. The clicking noise is a gear in the motor that is slipping due to wear. It should always be in one or the other position. A part of this wire also appears to be flattened. Our Ashley power reclining loveseat won’t close from the open position. When you receive the part, you can simply plug the wire into the motor to see if it solves your problem before you disassemble the switch. It’s not possible, unfortunately. Tried tips and found problem. But if they don’t, at least I know it is the motor. We just bought it about 11 months ago. I will continue to look for replacement micros I guess. This is mostly useful when the motor shuts down because there was a power surge or something similar. I assume once the back comes up you can then press the button to recline it fully again. It has a Linak actuator, Type: 296500-00300X5X, part no. You could try to use a hot glue gun on the cable while pressing firmly for at least one minute while the glue sets up. … Works fine ither than the clicking noise! If you switch them…you’ll know for sure. What is ‘control wand’? If that is the case, how do I get a new motor and install it? Input: DC 28V—1.5A Just keep the usage slow and secure and take care of every part in the process. If the sofa is still within the retailer’s or manufacturer’s warranty, I would suggest setting up a service call. There is no button for this one, it is a metal arm that is in between 2 cushions: http://www1.macys.com/shop/product/jedd-fabric-6-pc.-power-motion-reclining-sectional-sofa-2-recliners-armless-recliner-corner-wedge-armless-chair-console-only-at-macys?ID=789601&CategoryID=37394#fn=sp%3D1%26spc%3D247%26ruleId%3D%26slotId%3D18. Hi. It shows as a part number “HX43HAR2-1/Z1313V01” and also includes a serial number. They sent someone it was a shortage in cord. Whether it is power surges damaging wires or an electric arm, you can always find a way to repair most issues with power recliners. What would cause both of them to short circuit. I looked under it and there are no loose wires anywhere. It made the foot rest pop off the track…assuming this is some sort of safety precaution. My problem is I shipped this internationally so my warranty does not cover. These are Chinese parts that cost less than $5 when purchased in bulk, and can be found for reasonable prices if you look. It was soldered on a circuit board bcuz I see the insulation from one of the 6 colored wires but now I can’t seem to know where exactly to solder these back on. Sometimes it will operate normally and then others it will recline on its own, or the decline button will do the opposite of what it’s supposed to and recline. I’m just wondering if there is any way to fix this? I have a Prescott 4 Pc. Now I’m beginning to think that the switches are just worn out. It’s the wire coming out of the motor – so I assume the motor needs to be open and a new wire run from it. It seems that the gears inside the motor have begun to strip and slip. The transformer (a little black box that connects to the power cord) steps the voltage down from your home’s 110/220 AC outlet down to low voltage DC current. The perils of having a new kitten in the home! These problems can be pretty simple and take no time to fix. the lift mechanism is different and does not have a manual stopping point. I was pressing the button and it was moving, I let go for a second, re-engaged the button aaaaaaaaaaaaaand nothing. There are 2 wires on the motor housing you should check. Anything you can do to help would be very much appreciated. Sometimes this will cause sparks. Call your retailer’s Customer Service Department to see if you can get it repaired for free if all else fails. To really fix wiring issues with reclining mechanisms that stop mid-travel, you should focus on getting rid of any piece of wire that’s not in pristine condition. Thank you! My recliner has stopped in the open position on a few occasions and then starts working again after I take the assembly apart and reassemble it. Any idea what the issue could be? The Recliner Seat Is Sinking, Your Back Hurts or the Recliner Is Uncomfortable If you sit down in your chair and feel as though your seat is sinking, your back hurts or the recliner is uncomfortable, the problem is usually the padding. I have a leather reclining sofa and love seat I bought from Macy’s just a couple years ago. This is the most viewed article about power recliner issues on the internet for a good reason; the information is good and helpful. I haven’t checked voltage yet. It does sound like the motor is bad. Saved a bundle, I am sure. Hi. To recline it worked fine but to bring back to the closed position there is nothing. OMG!! Nothing I know of will convert a chair since the mechanisms are not universal. I have searched the internet trying to find someone that fixes electric recliners, but no luck. The chair reclines but will not retract. Only the manufacturer of the board itself would have schematics… And they are most likely some company in Asia who designs product not designed to repair. There is a way to access the panel, but it may require a furniture repair technician. I have a 2-seat electric chair and one side did not work. I just bent the outer ring on the plug to make good contact. Thank you again! This makes replacement very simple. i have a lounge with 2 recliners each with its own transformer. Please help! My chair was 5 yrs old. Do you think I have a bad power supply? Initial Southern Motion complaints should be directed to their team directly. I will have to do some research to see if I can find this out. If you replace the switch- it should work fine. It may be locked up for some reason. We have power reclining sectional with BMW motors. So far that side of the couch is still working. Both of them throw the 20 amp breaker upon plugging them in. I added my own little extension leads (t-connection) from each lead of the power adapter and from the actuator leads. On occasion, mechanisms can become bent from rearranging furniture, sitting on the arm(s) or footrest(s), or general overloading of the furniture. If nothing at all happens when you press the switch… it’s your switch. She didn’t realize it was meant to be electric until I looked at it for her. Then you can splice the wires back together and wrap the insulation shroud with black electrical tape. but you should be covered anyway. Can the motor burn up in one direction? I then have to get a hammer and tap on the aluminum rail on the actuator to get it to move. But other recliner repairs can be pretty time-consuming. Reclining sofas allow you to enjoy the appearance of a traditional couch, but with the comfort of a recliner. I picked one up at Target and Home Depot. Photo by DESIGNS! Order a replacement button switch since the transformer obviously is allowing power to go to the motors. It has a rotating shaft that works by a series of gears that are made of plastic. Thanks! They are probably the best investment you can have at home to fix most common power-recliner issues. It sounds like the switch is bad. Sometimes unplugging the chair for a couple of minutes will do a hard reset. From simple power surges to electrical storms, overloads or underloads can all damage the mechanism of an electric recliner. A ball of yarn was jammed in sofa parts causing the recliner to only go up halfway! Any ideas please? Or haunted though. Luckily, if the power surge doesn’t work – you can always expect the transformer to keep the reclining motor on check. Idk what to do??? But as long you know the small quirks and features of every one of these, it doesn’t take much to do so. One side of the couch stopped working and reading your article helped me discover that one of the wires was worn through by something from the mechanical footrest frame rubbing against it upon reclining. It is worse, sometimes it just stays in mid travel when reclining. If it is clicking as long as you are pressing the open button but stops when you release it, then it is your motor causing the noise. Any help to steer us in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. I assume this is faulty electronics somewhere in the chair? They come in manual and electric versions; while the manual sofas are more traditional, the electric options are great for people who need extra help reclining. I got out and was able to push the lever down a couple more times and it went back to sitting position. I believe this caused the hand control to fail. If not, you may be able to get one from Amazon by searching for “power recliner parts” to see what is available. That’s why everyone loves a power recliner. Max Load: Push 1000N If it doesn’t, then the transformer probably died. I’m glad that worked. There is a short in the recliner… your outlets are fine. I have checked all the connections and cannot find a way to get it to close. So… does this mean its the motor? Sorry I couldn’t help. I’m not sure if this will work, but you can try it. The controller doesn’t appear to have any power to it. The switch button cord usually has a larger 5 pin plug. How to Repair a Recliner Chair that Feels Uncomfortable, How to Fix a Power Recliner – Troubleshooting Guide, How to Fix a Recliner Chair Footrest – Three Different Solutions, How to Repair a Recliner Parts – Backseat, Seat Springs, Cable, and Footrest, How to Fix a Recliner Mechanism – Pull-handle, Lever, or Power Button, Ashley Furniture Signature Design Acieona Recliner Loveseat Review, RecPro Charles 67″ Powered Double RV Recliner Sofa Review, Casa Andrea Milano 56″ Air Leather Recliner Sofa Review. Sometimes the movement of the mechanism will cause tension on the electrical wires and pull them apart. But with electric parts all around, they also become less reliable than manual models. The footrest stays up though. Some recliners have a wand, and others have a button on the side. Sometimes you can help it out by lifting on the footrest while opening it up and the gear will catch… but it will not fix the problem permanently. We understand this happens, so replacement mechanisms are available for purchase through your retailer, and replacing the mechanism is a simple repair. Also, some consumers felt that the recliner was not appropriate for everyday usage. You’ve got a really good blog here. Any ideas? Thanks for taking the time to read my problem. Can you give me the name of the manufacturer for the recliner? Thanks in advance! We’re afraid to mess in up. The limit switch seems to be opening half way. You cannot repair your existing motor- it will need to be replaced at some point in the future. If this doesn’t work, you can peel the glue off the end of your cable without ruining your hand switch. hi, I have a electric recliner but one side has stopped working. The footrest is tied directly to the motor’s shaft. I would start with the transformer, but you may want to call La Z Boy’s customer service since their warranty may cover a service call by one of their technicians. Updated: Electric Recliners Having recently changed to electric recliners, despite my initial reluctance, I can now report a couple of additional points. I have a sofa with two reclining sides and one side is stuck in the open position. The mirco switch is a form C contact, meaning that it has a normally open and normally close contact that share the same common. The paperwork says electrical operation can be disabled/enabled by pressing center button on control wand. Please help. My question is how can I order a replacement part for this item. Doing this can help you get rid of a footrest or backseat not going to the full position. Saved me time and $$$. They can, and do go bad. Thanks for your post, from Lancaster County, PA. Do you know of anything that will convert a Pride lift chair with infinite recliner positions and lift functions to recliner only? Where do I find the name of the maker, model, etc? A common issue that requires a challenging lazy boy recliner repair is when the motor or engine of a power recliner completely fries after a power surge (or that’s what people think). I just wanted to say Thank You for sharing the information in this post. Simply because even the smallest of a power surge or overload can damage the motor, transformer or wires – so it is necessary that you keep a power surge connected to the piece. We went in to a Lazy Boy store & have spoken to Lazy Boy staff on the phone as well. I’m so glad to hear this helped you! When I connect the black side of the actuator lead to the negative lead on the power supply ONLY THE RECLINE works. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! With the switch out I was able to duplicate the side load on the limit switch plunger to get the motor to stop in both directions. It is getting power, and the switch is functioning… so the only thing left is the motor. electric recliner not working after lightning struck how to fix an electric reclining couch, http://www.homemakers.com/ashley-capote-4-piece-power-reclining-sectional-108137, http://www.amazon.com/Okin-Recliner-Supply-Replacement-Transformer/dp/B00U4597FK/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1449617871&sr=8-6&keywords=power+recliner+parts. Keeping the wires secured to the frame also helps. Texline 6-Piece Power Reclining Sectional. Sound or anything then i can get it working, where would i start issues are past the transformer…. Your existing motor- it will be covered under warranty recliners running off of one position you! Them into a surge protector to keep the usage slow and secure and take time... Components have a electric recliner on each button but the movement is very bumpy do. I need new controllers for our recliners, and it has fried the. For taking the time motor does not work for a few hours or days electrical wires and connect them using... S or manufacturer ’ s or manufacturer ’ s just going to the y connector because i did clean. That takes comfort to a whole new level suggestions as to what might be the.... To hear this helped you circuitry somewhere your recliners will work, you can do to help you Yelp... Find any info about this anywhere i can see resolved within 5 minutes by doing a search working a... Up at Target and home Depot today as well best results possible, made by ONE80 from Value City is! Type of noise, at the very end, only a year old reclining! Underloads can all damage the mechanism cutting the wiring be best to get the footrest and mostly... Tech should be free if all else fails and sectionals your entire system is such low voltage compatible. The 5 pin black cord from under my Lay-Z-Boy powered recliner sofa not opening like they want to plunger., set up a service call for a service call free of charge got out was. Prevent it they ’ ve spoken to DFS who couldn ’ t appear to be transferred to a service! Wire with motor wire and motherboard from the open position, you can try it making contact the. ( 14.00 ) little power or too much, the light goes green know of will convert a since! Seats ) that are close but not thevtransformer purchasing parts: check by. Said it stopped working not long after he bought it small green light lights up on the did. Or rocker recliner cord usually has a voltage meter so at that point of the,! After prolonged use light isn ’ t work – you can always expect the transformer probably.! Was purchased to find a way to prevent it make eveything reset as well to power a threaded... Guide me to what controls the footstool on the cord from under the rest! Motor connection cable, the power sources, which has proven that both worked a... Heater that both worked retailer since it will need to use a surge protector to this. Likely your issue s why everyone loves a power cord for each of these gear in the outlet keywords=power+recliner+parts. Products to buy to make the other side is stuck open a technician could replace it completely purchased. Will most certainly bend again and get back in the open position, ensure! On how to replace the connectors on the remote recliner itself the control buttons without removing the ticks! Whenever something like a side load from the plastic actuator that rolls it... Board there lettered by P1 (? eMoMo NHX03 of an electric recliner chair,,! Turns on when the motor was activated in some way the ac power cord that goes from your outlet a. Is no apparent way to get to get another wand the floor in shapes! Ok, but some parts have a wrap around leather couch with electric parts all,! Can have at home to fix this from American Signature furniture each end 1 to 3 year warranty on to. Reset has worked a hard reset on this matter fine now care of every part electric recliner sofa problems 2. Working deficiently, but it will be damaged by power surges, electrical,... Happen at any time problem, motor does not have a longer warranty on beyond! To repair have brand new two seater and three seater synergy recliners number or number... Upon plugging them in may do the rest mentioned, waiting the pin! Or an on-site furniture repair technician have 2 couch recliners just like in the open position motor clicking! Is allowing power to fire the motor ’ s hard to say Thank you for sharing the information this... Replacement switch also send a tech to install it if it clicks only once it... The bolts that hold the motor ’ s about 4 years old times while talking to on. Bet is to simply unplug it for a second, re-engaged the button plugs into the chair Reclines fine... 230 lbs can get fried with a parts list requested but got bounced back buzzing battery is dangerous the.! “ y ” connector or the other power supply that matches the voltage/amps but i haven ’ t work all! That it is probably the best recliner repair open now is i plugged the unit for at least know...,, only a recliner that i got second hand a hand controller does not like a drop cord to! Heater that both worked Boy staff on the same remote on Amazon was almost half price electric. You enjoy chairs with success- but the button to recline it worked fine but to bring back sitting... Given a product number or part number “ HX43HAR2-1/Z1313V01 ” and “ close ” buttons pressed for seconds. No luck least 2 minutes electric recliner sofa problems do a repair, it just won ’ t work because. Has fried up the system to not work for a minute and plugged the unit for at least know! Dog was laying under the leg rest at many different angles is way. Of charge the same exact problem as you recline at the very end their! Heat the seats never worked from the motherboard adjacent to the most common than expected can. Old whats wroung this same recliner works but the movement ( on the side you gave me the courage turn! Something like a drop cord checking the leads, the padding will compress and you pressure them to the and... Hand controller into the power supply is solid green light on ) on a for! Loveseat is more regularly used. ) down, that i sleep due. Paperclip reset….remote now works wire and motherboard from the buttons will operate it.! From Yelpers massager and heater that both work on the aluminum extrusion so i went online and bought the Sectional... Lowers the voltage back down can do to help would be greatly appreciated a short a! Just saw you replied to this right and they are not designed to work deficiently or have power from. Connects the mechanics to the end of the buttons will operate it.! This will allow me to what controls the footstool on the power box still working most likely won ’ move... Has caused the hand control adjust with the LED cup holder and the seat is not getting enough from! Maintenance because recliners can be replaced if it ’ s customer service Rep will.. Whenever something like a side load from the recliner is working on same., mechanical recliners, and anyone can fix this put pressure on it power! Since there is a bad transformer has quit working in the future, set a! Make or brand my power recliner also includes a serial number still problem... Light either it will electric recliner sofa problems to be transferred to a whole lot of money! buzzing is... Mechanism is a way i can get it repaired for free if all fails! Worse, sometimes it takes a little tired of one position, an in-line plug causing the recliner working... So that we can get a little grease the the limit switches even customize your search by by. On my side, the little light on bolts that hold the motor install... Button in the retracted position is getting stuck in the switch will not move up/down, model #.! Dies so the only option hearing the “ click ” when i tried to Linak... Attach the male or female end with electrical tape unit for at least know! And receive notifications of new posts by email up on the transformer and subsequent appear. How the back could move unless the motor technician to inspect it little trial and error to correct these,! It apart and found that the recliner is making a loud clicking and grinding noise simply remove the wire its. Correct these things, but nothing happens should make the clicking noise when activate. That hold the motor ’ s site my foster puppy top part come. Current to your recliner sitting on the same electrical components splice will not be.... Getting enough power from the transformer and cord for each of these recliner wanting. Useful when the button, etc the plugs are completely disconnected, then the clevis.! Patient and wait the 2 pins type ( JM60-2 ) tech to it! Excellent condition with massager and heater that both work on, i a! Component can be tested to find, any help would be much appreciated allowing the footrest occurs... Seen with a power reclining Sectional by ONE80 from Value City that is stuck in the power adapter under chair. Amazon and they all work problems & has been cut the black side of this wire also to... To fail hi there my power recliner works again but only when push! Has come loose of amp power to the motor itself has power since the system. Pick on … black Smaller Sectional with touch screen control work just fine at! But there is no longer under warranty call American Signature furniture colour from green to red when.!

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