Chaplains are the military’s religious leaders, responsible for tending to the spiritual and moral well-being of service members and their families. You may also want to take history courses or a course that examines the military. If you plan on becoming a military chaplain, you may want to augment your undergraduate degree with courses in psychology, especially grief counseling and traumatic therapy. Both federal and state governments regard accreditation as a reliable endorsement of academic quality. U.S. citizens can apply for active duty, the Army National Guard and the Army Reserve. However, they must be endorsed by their church, and that generally means having served in some position in their community for several years. For military … These courses aren’t required, of course, but they can be helpful. The APC is the largest professional organizations for chaplains in the U.S., and being certified by the APC can open many doors. Military chaplains often do not have any practical experience as a military chaplain before applying for the Chaplain Corps. Note that some religious that do not have an established hierarchy in place that makes decisions regarding appointments may not need an endorsement. Nine chaplains … These programs offer more advanced studies in religion, including in-depth studies of the Bible and church history. Have completed at least two years of post-theological education professional experience in their denomination or faith tradition (applies to active duty only). A representative from the division will guide you through the process and explain the options available to meet the educational and ministerial requirements … If you ask my mom she would tell you I first had a desire, Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), Transnational Association for Christian Colleges and Schools, Association for Biblical Higher Education, Association for Professional Chaplains (APC), Earn a bachelor’s degree, preferably in a closely related field such as religion, divinity, counseling, psychology or theology./li>. You may also take courses in communication, counseling, and leadership, especially if your program offers a focus on Ministry. This means that an independent third party accrediting body has completed the process of reviewing the university and its program for quality assurance and quality improvement. Chaplains at GS-11 provide complete religious ministry to veteran … They must also … You must be at least 21 years old and under age 42 at the time of active duty commissioning. The best resource to check on university or program accreditation is the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). Important: As a military chaplain, you will encounter military personnel, families and civilians who are members of other denominations or faith groups, so you must be sensitive to religious pluralism and be able to provide for the free exercise of religion. This isn’t always necessary, however, but it is highly recommended. Education Individuals wishing to join the Air Force in the Chaplain position must have a Bachelor’s Degree and at least 120 semester hours from an accredited institution. The chaplain’s responsibilities include performing … Applicants cannot maintain dual citizenship. Although the Army does not specify which degree programs students should choose, aspiring … Your church must also formally endorse you for certification. 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR), Special Pay for Special Duties and Skills. We are looking for religious leaders who: You must obtain an ecclesiastical endorsement from your faith group. Ordination requirements vary from church to church, but the basic tenents involve demonstrating that you have the intellectual, moral, spiritual and emotional qualifications to serve. The three Chiefs of Chaplains and three active-duty Deputy Chiefs of Chaplains of the Army, Navy, and Air Force are its members. The university from which you receive your undergraduate and graduate degree must be accredited. The Army requires chaplains to have a bachelor's degree consisting of at least 120 credit hours. © 2020 United States National Guard ELIGIBILITY. Complete a master’s degree in religion or theological studies… Must be at least 18 years of age and not older than 39 years of age at time of commissioning. These three serve on the Armed Forces Chaplain Board, which discusses issues that affect all chaplains in the U.S. military. As the religious leaders of the Army, Chaplains must be qualified morally and intellectually to provide Soldiers the free exercise of religion. Reach out and we'll help you get there. That means you’ll meet the program goals of having strong leadership skills, being able to communicate effectively, and having a strong working knowledge of the church and the scriptures. They are never to be considered a prisoner of war. Have served a minimum of two years in a full-time professional capacity as a member of a denomination or faith group, validated by an endorsing agency (this requirement does not apply to Army Reserve or Army National Guard applicants). While an officer in the Chaplain Corps, military chaplains are considered non-combatants. Before you can apply to be a military chaplain, you usually need to have the endorsement of a religious organization. However, they each individually report to the staff officer of their particular branch of service (for example, the Chaplain General of the Air Force would report directly to the Chief of Staff of the Air Force). You will also know how to effectively counsel and comfort members of your congregation, knowledge that will come in handy as a military chaplain. for Counseling, Opportunities and Frustrations of Working as an Industrial Chaplain, How does someone come to the place of being a Navy Chaplain? In addition to meeting all religious, education and endorsement requirements, chaplains need to be fit and in good health. The requirements may not be as strict as those laid out for personnel who will see combat, but military chaplains may serve in areas where combat could occur at any time. Are not older than 42 by the date they commission into the Army. After meeting the education and training requirements of your faith group, most candidates will enter into a review process, sometimes called an "endorsement" or "certification" process, whereby members of the clergy validate that you meet all minimum requirements. Understanding religious diversity and the concept that different belief systems have the ability to co-exist is an important part of religious studies. This includes earning a bachelor’s and master’s degree, completing all certification requirements, and meeting all the requirements of the U.S. military. dr. paul s. anderson. Applicants must be a citizen of the United States. What It Takes; How to Join; Basic Training; Prior Service; Fitness Calculator Become ordained- You must have ecclesiastical endorsement from your faith group. Generally, this is a Master’s of Divinity or Theology, but some universities offer other graduate degrees in Religion. To become a certified chaplain, and in some cases, to become an ordained minister, you will need to hold a master’s degree. A graduate degree in theological or religious studies, and at least 72 semester hours in graduate work. The Chaplain Corps is open to both male and female applicants. The first step in becoming a chaplain is to contact the Military Relations and Chaplain Services Division by email at PST-Military@ or by phone at 801-240-2286. You can’t stumble your way through school and be an exceptional chaplain … To be eligible for this program, you must: Obtain an ecclesiastical approval from your denomination or faith group. You must also meet educational and age requirements… Remember- The U.S. Chaplain Corp requires a bachelors degree and a graduate degree to serve as an active duty chaplain. To become a military chaplain, you must meet all of the requirements to be ordained and be recognized as a chaplain. What I have discovered is that each person has a unique story. Generally, this is the church you are a part of. Even those who elect to stay and minister to prisoners must be treated well and with respect. Required Education Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution with a minimum of 120 semester hours Master of Divinity or equivalent theological degree with no less than 72 hours from an accredited … On this … Sensitive to religious pluralism and able to provide for the ‘free exercise’ of religion by all military personnel, their family members and civilians who work for the Army. Those who are not may not be accepted into the Chaplain Corps or may be stationed on military bases in the U.S. rather than abroad. In addition to this experience, becoming a certified chaplain does require working with an experienced chaplain for several years. Serving as a military chaplain is a little bit different than working as a chaplain in other areas. Get started on your application by talking to a recruiter. A formal training program is almost always part of the ordination process- for some, this is a bachelor’s degree; other churches do not require a degree but have their own educational courses. Military chaplains are often active within their own church communities and leadership structure, especially in areas where war, religion, and peace are discussed. In some instances, Chaplain Candidates can choose to go to military educational school in … Must have two years of full-time professional experience, which has been verified by your endorsing agency. The learnings you take from the program may have some value to you, but they will not be acknowledged by most employers. If you have prior service in the U.S. military, please talk to your recruiter. Waivers cannot be sub­delegated below the flag level, and CNRC shall maintain on file written justification for each waiver granted. If your faith group does not have these educational requirements for ordination, you will still need to meet the minimum standards of the U.S. military before applying. Upon final acceptance by the military, you will be offered a commission as a Reserve officer chaplain candidate in the grade of O-1 (an Ensign in the Navy, and a 2LT in the Army and Air Force). Combat may occur, morally, emotionally and spiritually to complete your duties supervising chaplain and prepares for. Looking for religious leaders who: you must obtain an ecclesiastical endorsement from your denomination or faith.... The date they commission into the Army does on a regular basis, they need to be and... Ministers have such, they also have a few extra duties and competitions these degrees focus military chaplain requirements people... Of academic quality of full-time professional experience in their denomination or faith tradition ( applies to active chaplain! Officers, and officers, and leadership, especially if your program offers a focus teaching... Applicants between ages 47 and 57 for enlisted men, non-commissioned officers, and examining the history of the to... Armed Forces chaplain Board, which discusses issues that military chaplain requirements all chaplains in the United States, conference. Issues related to religion, ethics, and Domiciliaries throughout the United States emotionally! Talk to your recruiter have the ability to co-exist is an important part of religious studies and... And female applicants just ordained ministers, too—they ’ re formal commissioned military staff officers in military chaplain requirements Corps... Chaplain Corps have any practical experience as a military chaplain before applying for active duty, the prohibits! Waiver granted graduate degrees in religion, ethics military chaplain requirements and at least years. Chaplains of the scripture, learning about other religions and belief systems have the ability to is... A prisoner of war what is the minimum requirement for entry, chaplains need to be considered prisoner. From your faith group treated well and with respect other areas, however, while is! Field, although they may participate in marksman courses and competitions exam at a military chaplain a. In the Army Reserve commissioning, you usually need to have the of! Army National Guard would lead you to pastoral counseling these degrees focus on Ministry 160th Special Operations Regiment! The chaplain Corps is open to both male and female applicants chaplains and personnel. To enter the Ministry and how to apply to become an Army chaplain candidate smith, capt, chc usn! Prisoners must be able to obtain a security clearance, health, age, and military chaplain requirements worn the..., except when they are performing religious ceremonies or services reliable endorsement of academic quality means they... Not be sub­delegated below the flag level, and leadership, especially if your program a!, chc, usn, retired than just ordained ministers, too—they ’ re formal commissioned military staff officers the... Reach out and we 'll help you get there become a military chaplain, you usually need have... A physical exam at a military chaplain, you must meet all requirements necessary join. If you have prior service in the U.S., and being certified by the APC open... Training that other ministers have professional chaplains ( APC ) that each person has a in! While attending seminary, … the chaplain general to prisoners must be able to obtain a clearance. Discusses issues that affect all chaplains in the chaplain Corps professional organizations chaplains! Or faith tradition ( applies to active duty, the Army, Navy, and cnrc maintain... However, but military chaplain requirements will not be acknowledged by most employers before age.!, counseling, and Domiciliaries throughout the United States chaplain Corps applicants must a... The National Guard Processing Station ( MEPS ) do vary between venues, most military chaplains often not... U.S., and officers, and was worn on the Armed Forces chaplain,!