Piper claims a maximum speed of 204 KTAS at of FL250 feet. Piper’s engineering and design teams lead the industry in designing for the owner-flown class of aircraft. (Photo by Jim Raeder) _ _ Read the full report "We Fly: Piper Seneca V" here. Max Take Off Weight: 10,472 Kg 23,087 lbs Max Landing Weight: Max Payload: 626 Kg 1,380 lbs Fuel Tank Capacity: Baggage Volume: 0.4 m3 / 14 ft3 The Piper PA-34 Seneca is a twin-engined light aircraft, produced in the United States by Piper Aircraft. Piper Seneca Series Aircraft Information. The Piper Seneca is an entirely reasonable airplane. The empty weight is 3,382 lbs and the gross weight is 4,750 lbs. AmSafe Pilot and Co Pilot Airbag Seat Belts, ADSB In/Out, G600, TKAS, Weather Radar, … More changes were made to the control system to improve handling. Browse a wide selection of new and used Aircraft near you at Controller.com. The Seneca concept was explored using one of the oddest looking prototypes seen in recent years; a Cherokee with an 0-235 on either wing, in addition to the engine with which it had originally been equipped. When I heard we had a Piper Seneca II twin-engine plane in our hangar, it needed to return to its home in Rochester, and we were allowed to get instruction in the plane, I volunteered to take an hour of multi-engine instruction time and fly it up to Rochester. The Piper PA-34 200T Seneca II was introduced in 1975, as a successor to its little brother, the Piper PA-34 200 Seneca. For one thing, it’s a very young 25-year-old, having logged only 1,600 hours total time and has seen only two owners, including Bass. The fuel system is similar to the Seneca’s. Despite some initial problems, he came to really like the aircraft and found it to be a wonderful airplane to … Like already stated, you will need instrument rating if you want insurance. Aircraft Review : PA-34 Seneca V HD Series by Carenado In one form or the other the Twin-Engined PA-34 Seneca has been in production since 1971 and that is now 46 years of continuous sales and development. It s not a fast airplane, however. Page 1 of 17 PIPER Aircraft For Sale - 422 Listings | Controller.com It was in fact the slightly iffy handling of the original Seneca, and comments about that from pilots, which prompted Piper to introduce a slightly aerodynamically revised Seneca II in 1975, although apart from it handling better, the Seneca II is basically the same as the original Seneca. The PA34 200T (Seneca II) is a great twin, much better than the original Seneca so stick to the II or II, IV or even better the V! Fuel capacity 98-128. 1977 PIPER PA-34-200T Turbo Seneca II - Specifications, Performance, Operating cost, Valuation, Brokers - … - … Reviewer Justin Cogo takes it for a spin and offers his thoughts. In … Gross wt. The main landing gear is much like the Seneca—logical, since the basic airframe is the same—and the nose gear resembles the Seneca and also the Arrow. Recent Annual inspection, Always hangered with 1,314 LBS. 1983 PIPER PA-34-220T Seneca III - Specifications, Performance, Operating cost, Valuation, Brokers - planephd.com Toggle navigation !– Great for flight training, time building and family flying. Ergonomic controls, seats built for comfort, and avionics placement and design are coupled with the Seneca’s built-in durability and components chosen for their reliability. But today, if the trends realized at The New Piper Aircraft Inc. are any indication, then the demand for piston twins is secure, starting with the Seneca V. Even with the then standard-equipped price of $583,900, the company delivered 41 Seneca Vs in 2001 — which represented almost 10 percent of its 441 total deliveries for that year. The PA-34-200T Turbo Seneca II seats up to 6 passengers plus 1 pilot. 4,570. Horsepower: 2 x ... - Aircraft specific reviews and articles. The Knots 2U Wing Root Fairing Kit is one of our most popular modifications for Piper Aircraft. Back in the late ’70s, I spent two years with a Seneca II company airplane. Garmin GNS 430 IFR FAA/EASA COMPLIANT Apply for Financing Operating Costs Get Insurance Please send us your experiences on your aircraft. PIPER PA-34 Seneca 0 reviews Twin engine piston aircraft with retractable landing gear. We compared a Seneca Five twin to a Piper Malibu the piston variety of the Meridian and the Seneca won all round surprisingly beating the Malibu climbing to 20 K This owners needs was to fly every week across the Irish Sea, day, night, summer, winter and it … This is the latest version of the model and includes a nice modern glass cockpit. In 1997 a different engine variant was fitted and the airplane was redubbed Seneca … The plane offers fairly good short-field performance; later versions are better once airborne. Piper also introduced a new limitation: A zero-fuel weight of 4000 pounds, meaning that any weight over 4000 pounds had to be in fuel, not payload. The PA-32R also came with Piper’s automatic extension system for the landing gear. Carenado continues to expand its line of general aviation aircraft with the inclusion of the Piper Seneca V HD model. Review: Carenado Piper Seneca V HD. The Seneca was developed as a twin-engined version of the Piper Cherokee Six which was a very popular aircraft of the late sixties. A Seneca review published in AOPA Magazine in March, 2013 stated the Seneca V with the G600 panel flying at 7,500 feet returned 177 KTAS with intermediate cruise settings. The screenwriter’s airplane is a 1978 Piper Seneca II. Advertisement Seneca II Seneca V STANDARD DATA: Seneca II Seats 6. That, more than anything, may explain why it endures in Piper s line. This week, we’re comparing the Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche to the Piper PA-34 Seneca. A Flight in a Twin-Engine Piper Seneca. I always thought the Baron a bit more stable though. At the risk of compromising my alleged objectivity, I have to confess a soft spot for the Piper Seneca. Piper Seneca lll équipée for IFR flight PA 34-220T continetal ltsio 360kb S/N 268462-R Total Time 3700h Take-off 1999kg. Piper began production of the Seneca in 1971 and the purchase price ranges from as low as $70,000 for an early model Seneca I or II, to $250,000 for a mid-1990s Seneca IV. Performance specifications. The Piper Seneca has stayed atop the market for more than 40 years thanks to continuous design improvements. of … 2,839. Empty wt. Shop the six-seat, retractable piston-single market and you ll find three basic choices: Beech s Model 36 Bonanza, Cessna s Model 210 Centurion and Piper s PA-32R series, which is the Lance and Saratoga. They are not for the low time pilot, they do require a multi-engine rating which a PPL can have. The Piper Seneca V is powered by two Continental L/TSIO-360-RB engines. The cruise speed is 197 kts, the stall speed is 61 kts, and the range is 828 miles. Development. The PA-34-220T Seneca III seats up to 6 passengers plus 1 pilot. Piper PA-34 Seneca Models. In three years, Piper sold 933 Seneca Is, dramatically outdoing the Aztec and Comanche. Reviewer Justin Cogo takes it for a spin and offers his thoughts. Many Seneca IIs and IIIs are in the $125,000 to … Reviewer Stuart … Top models include MERIDIAN, MALIBU MIRAGE, NAVAJO CHIEFTAIN, SENECA V, M350, and NAVAJO CR. I found your article on Seneca tail flutter quite Interesting and it brought back some sobering memories of December 27, 1976, as I am one of the pilots who luckily survived a Piper Seneca in flight break-up, I would just like to add some comments that may help aircraft owners realize the potentially serious problems with trim tab free play. Piper Seneca II, A MUST SEE! The PA-34 Seneca seats up to 5 passengers plus 1 pilot. Relatively few changes were made, the most notable being new cowlings that result in higher cruise speeds. Engines two 200-hp turbocharged counter-rotating … Read More "PIPER SENECA /II/III/IV/V" This is the latest version of the model and includes a nice modern glass cockpit. Piper’s PA-32R borrows heavily from its siblings. The PA34 Seneca HD Series aircraft available for X-Plane from Carenado offers with six liveries, the CarenadoG500, original Seneca V autopilot, 3D gauges, HQ stereo sounds and realistic behavior. What’s so special about a quarter-century-old example of Piper’s everyman’s multi, you ask? As part of Pipers transformation into the New Piper, the Seneca was revamped yet again, being redubbed the Seneca IV. Seneca II. Primarily used for personal and business flying, the Piper Seneca is an American twin-engined, light aircraft, produced by Piper Aircraft since 1971.The Seneca has the capacity for one crew member and five or six passengers. he Piper Seneca is widely regarded as the most successful light six place twin ever produced, though few realise that its roots lie in the Cherokee Six. With a strong if not a hot seller on its hands, Piper continued to improve the Seneca with the PA-34-200T Seneca II. Review: Carenado Piper PA34 Seneca II For FS2004. Carenado continues to expand its line of general aviation aircraft with the inclusion of the Piper Seneca V HD model. It featured improved and enlarged control surfaces, increased payload capacity, and a brand new Turbocharged Continental TSIO-360E Engine. The Seneca is slightly more difficult for most to pull off a nice landing, though I had no trouble with the versions I flew, the I, II and V. All round though, I found the Piper a lovely aeroplane. Review: Carenado Piper Seneca V HD. The Seneca is primarily used for personal and business flying. At first blush, the Bonanza arguably handles better than the other two while perhaps squeezing out a knot or two over the Centurion. 2012 Piper Seneca V, 633TT AF&E, 100K below book value. Plus, aircraft ownership news, the tip of the week and a ton of your feedback about experiment Then we talk about an update to mandatory service bulletin 05-8B and where to find the latest ADS-B out map from the FAA. It has been in non-continuous production since 1971. Part of this was due, no doubt, to Piper’s decision to modernize the airframe. 34WR. Piper built 360 Senecas that year, a good start in the twin market where the competition was the Cessna Skymaster, which sold poorly in 1972. Review: Carenado - PA34 Seneca HD Series for X-Plane. In this article new reviewer Klee C. Dobra takes a look at the Piper PA34 Seneca II made for FS2004 by Carenado . Newer Seneca Vs will be more expensive.